Eye Drops – The Eye-Catching Solution For Your Eyes

Having an itch in your eye might not convince you to visit the drug store nearby to get an eye drop, but a series of events together having dry eyes or a constant irritating sensation in your eyes might. Just a small errand for your eyes, you may think, but it won’t take time for you to question your earlier thought as you stand in front of a wide range of eye drops with unique labels and could not help but wonder “which one should I buy?

Does the kind of Eye Drops Matter?

It does matter what kind of eye drop you choose to put in your precious eyes. Depending on the chemicals used, there can be n number of things that you may be allergic to or whose composition doesn’t match well with your eyes which is a reverse reaction cause more problematic infection to your eyes and, in a worst-case scenario, may permanently damage your eyes.

To help you not fall for your whims and have proper background knowledge, we have drafted a summarize information which should help you chose your eye drops and know a little more about the difference in each, which in turn can also help you gain an insight on which product your eyes would benefit the most from. Starting with the basics, you usually use different eye drops depending if you have dry eyes vs. if you have allergies, the wrong ones for each may make it worse.

As a classification for your understanding, we have grouped the drops,

  • Artificial Tears. Drops aid in keeping your eyes wet and moist; these teardrops are the ones you should be using if you have dry eyes. The primary thought process behind its naming and actual science is that they try to mimic real tears. But in reality, it turned out to be a pretty complicated process to make. As a result, different brands started using different kinds of ingredients to come up with their unique solutions like,
  • Use of lubricants to maintain moistness (basically all drops have these in some quantity)
  • Sodium and potassium, namely electrolytes, help in the healing process of the surface of your eye.
  • Preservatives to keep bacteria at bay from growing in the bottle.

An extensive study of your eye will help you chose precisely which compound satisfies and aids your eyes better. The preservatives added may make your dryness worse. Do keep an eye out for such problems since these can be avoided because it’s cheaper.

  • Allergy drops. These are your saviors if you tend to have watery or itchy eyes and or as the name suggests, if you have allergic reactions due to pollen, molds, etc. basically, when your body faces an allergic reaction, histamine is reduced all over in a large quantity which in turn triggers runny nose, itchy eyes, etc. and the drug used to counter this is referred to as antihistamine which blocks the histamine release and your allergy symptoms.
    As a result, this compound is your main ingredient of allergy drops. With the ever-growing technology and advancement of the medical field, the newer versions of allergy drops are equipped with mast-cell stabilizers, which work on the root cause, stopping your body from ever making histamines.
  • Anti-redness drop. Having a fancy name as a decongestant helps you clear the redness in your eyes. But extreme caution is to be maintained as extra, or overdoses can result in itchier redder eyes. On excess use, your eyes might even tend to get used to the drops and start turning red if you ever stop using them. These drops’ power ingredient is a substance called vasoconstrictor, which shrinks your blood vessels on the surface, which gives off an effect of redness going away.

If you wear contact lenses, it can make your eye drop selection even more difficult as you need to choose the ones which go well with your lenses too! It is advised to check with your doctor before you choose one.

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