Things to know about Roofings – What Are The Various Types?

Roofings are expected to come with a fair amount of longevity. Therefore one should thoroughly consider the various options available in Roofing.

Listed below are the types of Roofings that one can choose from–

Slate Shingles –

This type of Roofing is the most acceptable roofing option that comes with a classy and elegant touch. They have a life span of 100 years and are a ‘high-end’ type of Roofing. The maintenance is pretty convenient. They are fire-resistant and protect the house from rot infecting elements. Along with so many features that make it the most preferable, they also come with a few disadvantages, such as –Slate Shingles are not budget-friendly. However, low-maintenance they are heavy materials whose installation requires a set of experts who demand a lump sum amount. Thus, low-cost maintenance is balanced out by heavy chargeable labor. However, its durability provides for a one-time investment.

Metal Roofing–

They have an eco-friendly quality to them, and like Slate, Shingles are low maintenance. They differ from Slate Shingles in weight because in contrary to them, Metal Roofings are lightweight. Over the past decade, they have become more popular. Their popularity has led to inflation in sales by four times within a decade. They come with a longevity of 50 years and above if maintained well. Thus, it is a one-time investment like Slate Shingles.

However, Metal roofing installation like Slate Shingles is complicated; therefore, it is recommended that one hire a contractor specializing in metal roofing. For example, metal roofings are pretty popular among the roofing companies in Chicago, IL, but this might not be the case everywhere. So it’s better to rely on primary or secondary sources for reference.

Asphalt Shingles–

It enables the reflection of the sun’s scorching heat, further cooling the interior of the house. This leads to lesser consumption of air conditioners during the summer season as the home remains naturally cool. They last for twenty years and sometimes even more on an average house. They have been in use since 1903 and are tested by experts to be the most reliable roofing material. They come at pocket-friendly rates and are easier to install. They are waterproof and resistant to wind and hail. They are famous in the USA.

Wood shakes –

They reflect UV rays and make the house cooler. Their usage can be traced back to the ancient British colonial days. They are eco-friendly and are resistant to harsh weather. They also provide insulation that assists in sustaining‘low budget energy resource’. Although skepticism underlies its fire-resistant quality, manufacturers add an extra layer of coating for safety. They are costly and require skilled labor for installation, like Asphalt Shingles, but it’s consistent sustainability and energy efficiency help it stand out.

Clay Tiles –

They look great when teamed up with a Spanish style of architecture and are accordingly more in demand in those regions. They can last between the span of 50 years to 70 years. They are resistant to fire and are not prone to fading. They are arranged in parallel rows where the tiles overlap each other for easy drainage of rainwater. They are visually appealing but aren’t capable of enduring harsh weather due to their erosive property. They can’t withstand strong winds over a long duration.

Although most of the roofing companies in Chicago, IL, offer almost all types of Roofing, as mentioned above, the climate that depends from place to place partially controls the roofing specialty of a geographical location. Suppose one is looking for a residential roofing company. In that case, one can easily surf the internet with the title ‘residential roofing company near me’ and get hold of essential details regarding the local roofing companies.

Residential Roofing is different from commercial Roofing, and below mentioned are the differences –

  • Residential roofings are primarily focused on visual appeal; however, commercial roofings do not prioritize external outlook.
  • Commercial roofings are mostly flat design, requiring a great deal of maintenance since water is ‘more likely to pool.’
  • The installation of residential Roofing is more time consuming compared to commercial roofings.
  • Commercial Roofing requires way more experienced and skilled laborers compared to residential Roofing.Commercial Roofing’s installation has to be done amidst unavoidable hindrances such as smokestacks, communication equipment, and external piping. Therefore, installing the roof needs to ensure that the roof is skillfully installed without causing any disturbance to the initial installations.

These differences cannot be altered devoid of the geographical location, therefore be it a commercial roofing contractor Kolkata or a commercial roofing contractor Chicago,any commercial roofing contractor residing anywhere will agree with the differences.

For cross-reference and better comparison with other roofing companies, one should always rely on the internet. The internet still serves as the handy source to rely on, be it for browsing ‘residential roofing company near me’ or ‘commercial roofing contractor Chicago.’