Podcasting Changing the World of Audio Entertainment

The long list of types and genres of podcasts available in the world today makes it easy to get lost in it, wondering what to listen to next. There is podcasting out there for every niche of listeners in the market.

Radios VS Podcasts for Listening to News

Many people think of podcasts as the modern age form of radio. While this hasn’t pushed radio shows out of the picture entirely, there are quite a few shows that exist both in radio form and podcast form. Some of these include sports shows, news talk radio shows, music shows, and more. When it comes to the sharing of news in audio form to listeners, radio has been quite popular, especially since most tune in to these news shows in the morning as they drive to work.

With the introduction of news to the world of podcasting, many have drifted away from listening to news talk radio shows. One of the main reasons is that fewer people drive to work in their cars as most either work from home, carpool, or work by bus or metro. Apart from these, people have also said that they have started to spend less time in their car and if they do tune in to the radio, they feel disinterested due to the repetition of shows and music available on there.

Another reason is that everyone needs things done as quickly and efficiently as possible in today’s fast-paced world. Having the news show at your fingertips, as well as the power to skip through it quickly to only listen to parts you find important or interesting, has popularized news shows in podcast form. With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic and the sudden hike in podcast creators and listeners, studies have proven that almost half of the listeners surveyed stated that podcasts have quickly become their primary source of news.

Influencer Marketing through Podcasting

Podcasts have become quite an important portal to the public for influencers, brands, and advertisers. Other social media platforms only provide them anywhere between a few seconds up to a few minutes to grab the audience’s attention to deliver the message and their call to action. The best influencer podcasts have shown influencers, brands, and advertisers the true potential of these long-form audio recordings that last for about 30 to 90 minutes that can be tapped to reach the audience more effectively. The top influencer podcasts in the market are growing in reach and revenue at a truly astonishing rate.

The biggest advantage the best influencer podcasts have shown marketing companies is that podcasts have a much wider reach than any radio or tv channel as it follows the listener to their most private spaces such as their cars, homes, offices, and offices their places of leisure. Studies have shown that podcast listeners tune in to their favorite podcasts almost daily.

Since podcasters focus on a niche topic that the listener resonates with, they create an unsaid mental bond with the hosts of these top influencer podcasts. This trust that is formed allows them to convince their audiences of the reliability of products or services they endorse. Aside from this, the multi-media approach that helps them promote all the different kinds of content they make can also be utilized by their sponsors to reach the different audiences that follow these influencers on each platform.

New Kind of Influencer

Now while initially themost common kinds of influencer podcasts were made by those that were already influencers on other platforms due to the content they create on there, this new age of podcasting has birthed a new kind of influencer. As listeners became more acquainted with the concept of podcasts, they started to discover the world of podcasting for themselves. This created a new genre of podcast influencers or popular people solely because of the great podcast content that they create. This has brought about a certain renaissance in the field of audio streaming content.

These podcast influencers established their brand via podcasts, through which their niche audience was directed towards their other social media platforms. So, although initially most of an influencer’s audience would have heard of their podcast via their other social media content, now the coin has flipped in many cases. Brands have started to see the potential these influencers have, and many have utilized this for their benefit. But this is truly still a field that the world of marketing hasn’t entirely tapped. Many clients still need to open their eyes to the potential podcasts have and the importance of diving into the world of podcasting to reach their niche audience.